Our Services

Our Services are flexible and individualized.

You choose exactly what services you want;
      Or, -- we'll do it all for you!

If you’re De-cluttering---

  • Provide an overall plan and timeline.
  • Sort closets, attics, basements,  garages and/or storage units.
  • Advise or arrange dispersal of unwanted items.
  • Measure closets, pantries, garages and advise on storage redesign.
  • Locate resources for complex situations.

If you’re downsizing to move---

Plan your move-

  • Provide an overall plan and timeline.
  • Lead a family conference to determine who does what –when?
  • Help you decide what to keep for your new home.
  • Provide a floor plan showing what will fit where.
  • Advise you on flexible storage to maximize your new space.

Action! Before Moving Day--

  • Help or advise sorting it all:  closets, attic, basement, garage.
  • Think through dispersal (store, donate, or junk?  Sell at Auction? Estate sale? Garage sale? Consignment? )
  • Labeling and listing (Who wants what? Who gets what?)
  • Find resources for dispersing charitable donations and throw-aways.
  • Arrange dispersal of donations and provide a receipt for tax purposes.
  • Inspect the new place with you to note any unfinished maintenance to be done before move-in.

Supervise Packing---

  • Supervise packing and moving day –Boxes are properly labeled, etc.
  • Receive movers, place furniture and boxes as predetermined.
  • Settling in:  Day of the move; set up the kitchen and bath.

After the Move---

  • Assist with further unpacking; organize closets, hang pictures, etc.

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