Yellow Tulips

Sort and Simplify

Serving Chicago's Western Suburbs

What We Do-

We help you pare down your stuff to reclaim your space so you can live your life more fully.

We'll get you started on a single space; Or, if you're moving to a smaller home, we can manage-the-move to lift the burden of details.

For Example, we're there for you if you want to—

  • Move yourself or a parent from a big place to a smaller one-- easier life.

  • Reorganize before remodeling-- reduce stress.

  • Re-purpose rooms when elders will be moving in or adult kids moving back.

  • Streamline before storing-- to save on space and storage costs.

  • Tackle attics, basements, garages or storage units after months (or years) of neglect-- find lost treasures and save space.

  • Prepare for decreased mobility from aging, injury or surgery-- create convenience.

  • Make your closets more efficient, functional and fun to use-- smile daily.

Why Seek Help? 

Life is change. Change is hard. Make it an adventure!

Moving on, choosing what stays and what goes, saying goodbye to a stage of life, calls on all our memories and emotions. Uncertainty, fear, or loss can be paralyzing or cause too hasty decision making. We will take you through it, step by step and with a smile.

Contact us today to set up your complimentary consultation.